Save the Planet Now is born: the disruptive initiative for people fighting climate change

African mosquitoes that are already biting in Valencia, forests that are constantly on fire, even in the Arctic. Waves of heat that are getting longer and more marked. Rivers increasingly dry in front of and floods in atypical places. Save The Planet Now helps you reverse the solution, allowing you to offset the carbon footprint you generate in your day-to-day life and thus curb the consequences of climate change. The Earth is crying out for us to take care of it, and now you can be part of the solution thanks to Save The Planet Now.

Join the change

You leave the lights on at home, you forget the computer plugged in, you consume plastic bottles too much. You buy packaged fruit and put it in a bag and sometimes you forget to put it in the yellow container. Everyday acts that are undoubtedly part of the problem. We must be aware that many things we buy, and our way of life, leave a carbon footprint. And we cannot forget that carbon is one of the factors that most influences this extreme situation of unsustainable consumption.

Scientists have calculated that we have 11 years to reverse the extreme situation in which we live. Now you have the option to resign yourself, or instead decide to be part of the solution. And in the solution STPN is born; the possibility of enhancing what you and each one of us do against “it is what there is”, because those of us who are suffering extreme heat that is getting worse are us and it is you. Those of us who will not have drinking water are all of us. Those of us who will not be able to get food are all of us.

A microfinance against climate change

Until there are other non-harmful solutions against the environment, it will be difficult for you not to buy packaged products, such as a bottle of soda or a bottle of shampoo. Plastic products probably made from unsustainable resources that have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles in a diesel-fueled truck, plane or ship to the supermarket. Its entire journey also leaves a carbon footprint. And once you take it home, you put it in the fridge, if necessary, which has to be constantly plugged in and you sit at the table and turn on the light to comfortably chat with your family and everything you do, no matter how minimal. , generates an environmental impact.

But now that you are aware, what can you do? How to stop being an accomplice in a situation that you have not sought? STPN makes it possible for you to offset all that carbon you generate by promoting reforestation initiatives in certified forests that help clean up that generated carbon. The way to contribute is very simple. By purchasing cards available at points of sale (Worten, MediaMarkt, Carrefour, Fnac, etc.), you make micro-contributions worth € 5. In the case of carbon footprint offset projects, € 5 equals 1 ton of CO2.

And where does your money go?

With all the contributions collected, STPN subsidizes the forest and the work of the people who take care of it. So in addition to helping you offset your footprint, you are giving work to a population that, otherwise, could not survive because your footprint has already affected their region and they no longer have natural resources available. It’s about circular sustainability. It is to stop climate change. It is to stop being an accomplice and be part of the solution, because we are all responsible for having come this far. All certified and guaranteeing that the money reaches the promoter of the project and the communities that promote it. Now you have more power to generate a more sustainable world by reaching projects that really have a positive impact on the environment and people.