Contribution cards: Save The Planet Now’s tool to reduce your carbon footprint

Fighting pollution is no longer just a matter for governments and companies. And that is why Save The Planet Now has emerged: the disruptive initiative that seeks to empower citizens, turning them into leading actors in the fight against climate change and its adverse effects.

And how will it be carried out, you may be wondering? With a new and innovative tool: our contribution cards, whose contribution goes to the project that YOU choose with each one of them.

These cards work as micro-contributions worth € 5. And just so you know, in case this small amount does not seem important to you: in our carbon footprint offset projects, € 5 is equivalent to a whopping 1 ton of CO2; a great oxygen balloon, and never better said, for the atmosphere. Is not it wonderful?

Contribution cards: simple and fast

With the acquisition of the Save The Planet Now contribution cards, you directly help the preservation and conservation of ecosystems in an easy, fast and economical way.

For nothing you will have to go through a cumbersome affiliation system. And it is not a regular contribution either. You choose the moment and the project, being able to change from one to another with total freedom and flexibility.

The process is as simple as entering the web to contribute or visiting one of our authorized points of sale (Worten, MediaMarkt, Carrefour, Fnac) and purchasing a contribution card.

Once you have purchased your contribution card, just enter the code obtained and select your preferred project. After this, you will receive a certificate that gives proof and unequivocally guarantees the contribution you have just made.

Your own grain of sand for a better and greener future for all living beings!

Our projects

Because security and reliability is the most important thing, when it comes to allocating our money to causes that matter to us, that really touch our chord, Save The Planet now gets involved in international projects recognized by official bodies

We are talking about prestigious entities such as the United Nations (UN), which have a real impact against climate change and enjoy international trust.

Currently, Save The Planet Now is collaborating with four sustainability projects.

One of these, although all are equally important, is included within the ‘Arca de Noé’ project, in collaboration with the Government of Mexico, and fights for the preservation of corals, essential for the balance of the marine ecosystem in the country. However, this project has a direct local and global environmental impact.

The other three projects have to do with offsetting the carbon footprint, which is nothing but the pollution that we produce with our daily activities; in addition to that generated in producing the goods and food that we use on a daily basis. And are next:

  • Reforestation of a forest in India, the only global initiative that is endorsed by the UN. The project has a direct environmental and social impact, since it promotes work in the area.
  • Reforestation of a forest in Ivory Coast, in association with the NGO R20. The project has a direct environmental and social impact, since it promotes work in the area and favors the labor insertion of women.
  • Reforestation of Amazonian forests in Peru. The project has a direct environmental and social impact, since it promotes work in the area.
  • “Noah’s Ark of the Corals.” Project consisting of conserving with cryogenization techniques all the existing species in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef that are being affected by the White Syndrome, which has already killed 40% of them.

It is a win-win initiative for all

As you may have noticed, the fight for the planet does not only translate into benefits for ecosystems and the animals and plants that feed and live on them.

The cause for the environment also has a positive impact on human beings and society: generating employment and promoting equal opportunities and gender.

What more reasons do you need to start contributing to the environment? Come to one of the Save The Planet Now contribution card outlets and become an agent for real change!

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