7 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Did you know that reducing your carbon footprint is in your hand? It is no longer the sole task of governments and large companies, even though they are the ones that pollute the most.

Every little gesture counts and, what is more important: illustrate by example; creates a chain of awareness that turns us all, voluntarily and enthusiastically, into actors of real change, of a more just, social and sustainable future for ecosystems and all living beings; without forgetting, of course, the people.

And we say “fair and social” future because not only the environment would win; also people, given that great inequalities are accentuated during natural disasters, which are increasingly frequent due to climate change.

So see some very simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint that you can carry out in your day to day.

  1. Unplug your devices
    Did you know that your devices continue to consume energy when they are plugged in, even when they are turned off? Believe it or not, in some countries this can cost billions in energy.

Devices such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets continue to consume energy despite having already made a full charge. So don’t forget to unplug them, because this way you’ll help reduce your carbon footprint!

  1. Dry your clothes on the clothesline
    Dryers are among the most energy-consuming appliances today. Each use of a dryer is estimated to be the equivalent of turning on more than 200 light bulbs in one hour.

Of course, at certain times of the year there is not so much sun — yes, even in countries like Spain; but that is no excuse to use a portable clothesline like those used inside the houses.

  1. Don’t buy fast fashion clothes
    Have you heard of the term fast fashion, increasingly in vogue in the world of fashion? In short, it has to do with the phenomenon of launching an endless cycle of new fashions and trends at very low prices.

When you buy something very cheap, you do not give it any importance, whether it goes out of style, or if you decide to get rid of it for any reason: it is no longer fashionable, it has worn out in a really short time of time or, simply, you have Run out of closet space.

This type of clothing usually uses a variant of genetically modified cotton that requires the use of highly polluting pesticides.

  1. Drive less
    A classic, known to all, that even so it is difficult to catch on in the thinking of Western society. Reduce the time you spend behind the wheel, using public transport or, even better: using normal or electric bicycles.

You can also walk, which, in addition to reducing your carbon footprint, is great for your health. Not for nothing, large cities are closing themselves off to vehicles, creating pedestrian zones for the enjoyment and convenience of their citizens and visitors.

  1. Control the consumption of products of animal origin
    Of course, the consumption of meat is essential because of the amino acids it contains, essential for the development and well-being of our body. However, do you remember the food pyramid? Foods of animal origin such as meat, fish, cheese or eggs are essential … in their proper measure; they do not have to have a place in each and every meal, five days a week.

By eating less of these foods, you will help reduce the emissions of methane these animals generate — a greenhouse gas that contributes greatly to climate change and is estimated to be the most polluting industry of all cars in the world.

  1. Control the use of heating
    When the cold strikes, whatever the season it is better to keep the heating temperature constant, but lower; instead of connecting it to high power, to warm the house, and then disconnecting it until it cools down again.

Combined with the use of warm and comfortable clothes — wearing a T-shirt in winter, even in your own home, is not natural — you will greatly help reduce the carbon footprint generated by your home.

  1. Contribute to sustainable projects
    Save The Planet Now’s sustainable project contribution cards are a great way to fight climate change in a simple, fast and inexpensive way.

Tú tienes el control: adquiere tu tarjeta, descarga la app e introduce el código para elegir el proyecto con el que quieres colaborar. ¡Por solo 5 euros! Sin cuotas mensuales, cuando tú quieras y cambiando de proyecto las veces que quieras.

Como puedes ver, existen muchas y variadas de maneras de ayudar al planeta, a todos los seres vivos y, especialmente, a las personas, a la fauna y a la flora más vulnerable. ¡Súmate al cambio real!

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